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How to avoid virus, phishing, worm and internet scams?

Every computer which is connected to the internet has the possibility of being attacked by virus or spy ware or by hackers. People also face many other internet threats such as phishing, worm and internet scams. A virus attacks your … Continue reading

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What Is A Macro Virus And How To Remove It

Macro Virus is a type of mini-program that can easily infect a particular computer system. Macro virus runs inside another program. Macro virus possesses immense ability to spread in a swift manner thus infecting popular applications used for everyday computing … Continue reading

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Is online banking really safe from virus attacks?

Most people are confused at the thought whether online banking is safe from virus attacks. The fact remains that online banking is never safe from virus attacks. Online banking is never a safe option as it may cause virus threats … Continue reading

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Computer Repair when Viruses Attack

When you own a computer device you must be already aware of the fact that viruses are always there ready to attack your system and when this thing happens you will want to have a computer repair done as son … Continue reading

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How to backup your data in case your system is under virus attack

Virus attack on the systems has become quite common nowadays. One of the most worrying aspect is as finer does the anti virus system gets, so does the virus. Virus attacks on the system, thus, have become part and parcel … Continue reading

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Major Computer virus attack the world has seen so far

There is a bad side of every good thing and this stands true for computers as well. When computers are advancing in every field these days, virus attacks have become even more common. On one side creative minds develops a … Continue reading

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How popup blocker helps your system to stay away from viruses?

The pop-ups that generally creep into your system when you establish an internet connection seems very tempting because of the banners and ads, but these can be an attempt to get unauthorized access into your system. Sometime the pop-ups warn … Continue reading

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Role of firewall as business network guard

If you are a regular internet user, you need to be very cautious about the web pages and the websites you visit. There are so many unknown online threats. Your computer may be affected by viruses which are nothing but … Continue reading

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What is system registry and how virus attacks the system registry

Windows Operating system is a very complex software program that performs innumerable operations behind the scene so that your programs get installed on your computer and run smoothly. Quite unknown to most of ordinary users, Windows operating system needs to … Continue reading

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Worst damage a virus can cause to your system

Virus is the worst enemy of a system that can cause multiple damages to it and sometime may prove fatal for the entire system. If you don’t take care of the issue properly it is quite possible that you have … Continue reading

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