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4 Ways You Are Compromising the Security of Your Smartphone Data

The ubiquity of internet-connected smartphones and other mobile devices can be a boon to user data privacy. The possible loss and theft of personal data stored in a mobile phone can even be far more devastating than the loss of … Continue reading

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Want Better Security on the Internet Without the Hard Work? Try DD-WRT

Want Better Security On The Internet Without The Hard Work? You Should Try DD-WRT Each year, computer hardware manufacturers align their designs more closely to the open source technologies. When a piece of hardware is open source, it’s firmware doesn’t … Continue reading

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Small Business Security: Tips to Prevent Cyber Criminals From Stealing Your Data

Many small business owners falsely believe that a large majority of cyber criminals target big businesses. Well think again! According to an internet security threat report by Symantec, half of all attacks in 2012 were aimed at businesses with fewer … Continue reading

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VPNs and Security

VPNs and You On today’s Internet, security is a major concern. From wanting to protect financial transactions to simply wishing to browse without every site you visit being scrutinized, there are a lot of reasons to wish for privacy and … Continue reading

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Security Measures in an Enterprise Mobile Application

Mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily lives. People use them for entertainment, productivity, news and business related purposes. The information that these applications are subjected to, makes their security a great concern. This article discusses the … Continue reading

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Reviews:WiseFixer Review

WiseFixer is a useful and downloadable program which takes advantage of a powerful and highly functional detection algorithm that works efficiently in detecting invalid and missing references in your registry. One of the most impressive qualities of this program is … Continue reading

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How to Manage Your Internet Security Settings in Internet Explorer

An antivirus program isn´t the only thing you´ll need to make sure your computer is secure while you browse the Internet. Making sure that your browser´s security settings are in order is one of the first things you should do … Continue reading

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How to Use Windows Firewall

  Windows Firewall is a network security program that comes natively installed on the Windows operating system. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a third-party firewall program, you can just turn on the one you already have and accomplish … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Improving IT Security in Your Company

As your business grows, so does the threat of security breaches compromising your company’s IT systems. For any business, large or small, IT security should always be placed at the forefront of importance. For many businesses, an IT security breach … Continue reading

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