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How to:Maintaining Anonymity Online

Many people are concerned about their privacy and anonymity when using a computer or browsing the internet. This article gives an overview of some tools to protect against identity theft, spyware, malware and other nefarious threats that could potentially jeopardize an online experience. Continue reading How to:Maintaining Anonymity Online

Cyber security for travelers

Vacation season is in front of us. Millions of people around the world are getting excited about visiting friends and family or discovering new destinations. They make plans about luggage, clothing, tickets, schedules, etc. But there is one more aspect which is becoming more and more crucial for problem-free trips. Majority of tourists keep in touch with friends and coworkers on daily basis by using their laptops and mobile devices Continue reading Cyber security for travelers

How to Choose the Right Anti-Virus Software

Choosing the anti-virus software that is right for you can be easier said than done. This is especially true for individuals who have had bad luck with anti-virus software in the past and are looking to find a program that they can settle on for the foreseeable future. The fact is, there are a variety of important things to look for when setting out to find the perfect anti-virus software. By considering all of the following, your chances of choosing the right anti-virus software for your home or business will be much higher than they might be otherwise. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Anti-Virus Software

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus offer possible security for a long time without sacrificing its performance that makes it supposed to be the most recommended antivirus software available nowadays. Recently the company has bagged silver awards for top 10 reviews. Continue reading Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Tips to prevent your credit card being obtained by the hacker

Hacking issues is probably the biggest problem that can happen online. It is a process where the hacker, a person who hacks into a network, makes use of the weakness associated with a particular system to gather important information. It is the activity where important and sensitive information are compromised. Credit card hacking is quite common and the world has seen a large amount of loss through the credit card hacking. Continue reading Tips to prevent your credit card being obtained by the hacker

How to avoid virus, phishing, worm and internet scams?

Every computer which is connected to the internet has the possibility of being attacked by virus or spy ware or by hackers. People also face many other internet threats such as phishing, worm and internet scams. A virus attacks your computer when you visit certain malicious websites or when you download any infected files.  There are many types of viruses are dangerous to your computer system. Few viruses will slow down your computer and certain type of viruses will erase the data stored in the hard drive.
Continue reading How to avoid virus, phishing, worm and internet scams?

What is Anti-phishing? Why Anti-phishing is necessary nowadays?

Phishing has become one of the major issues in the recent times that have sent across a alarm for the internet users. The major reason for concern is the fact that phishing activity directly hit at us as it aims at securing our personal and sensitive information. In phishing, electronic mails or other form of communications are sent across to a specific targeted group of people asking for their credit card information, account details, usernames and passwords. Continue reading What is Anti-phishing? Why Anti-phishing is necessary nowadays?

Computer Repair when Viruses Attack

When you own a computer device you must be already aware of the fact that viruses are always there ready to attack your system and when this thing happens you will want to have a computer repair done as son as possible. These viruses happen in all sorts of forms and depths and intensities. It seems that with the time passing by more and more advanced forms of viruses appear with their tricky way of attacking and infiltrating within your computer system. This is the reason why many computer users prefer having at all times an updated anti-virus program to fix the problem when a virus attacks their computer. Continue reading Computer Repair when Viruses Attack

Kaspersky’s TDSSkiller

Kaspersky’s TDSSkiller helps to remove Rootkits, which is a specific type of computer virus threat. Rootkits causes a major problem for many computer users. Rootkits started to spread in the year 2008. Most people consider Rootkits as one of the major causes of unauthorized Google redirects. Most computer users experience problems related to unauthorized Google redirects when Rootkits become active on a specific computer system. Continue reading Kaspersky’s TDSSkiller

Five Tips To Keep Your Computer and Your Identity Safe

The world is at your fingertips when you access the Internet, but so is a lot of danger. If you’re not careful, you will put your computer as well as your identity and privacy at risk. Following these guidelines will protect your personal information and keep your computer safe from attack from viruses and other harmful software. Continue reading Five Tips To Keep Your Computer and Your Identity Safe

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo-antivirus is a known software application, which has been brained by specialized IT security professionals. This software runs an engine which is quite robust and stable. Real time scanning is the latest feature of the software. Real time inspection means Comodo Antivirus software checks all files from viruses before they are being used on character basis. The host –intrusion defense system blocks all kind of spyware, which can ruin any perfect and good computer. This software also tenders heuristic, a feature that is not found in all anti-virus software. Continue reading Comodo Antivirus

ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is complete outfit that offer parental control, virus and spyware protection, a customized firewall, game modes, spam filters, rootkit detection tools, device scanning option and many more to keep computer viruses at bay and to secure important data. Continue reading ESET Smart Security

How virus attacks your system through e-mail?

Internet and computers are now a part of our daily routine life. Rarely can you see people who do not use internet. Anything and everything has to be done online. Planning your travel, making bill payments, reading news are all done easily with the help of Internet and computers. With all these technological improvement, there are also many threats to the users in the names of computer viruses. These are computer programs which are designed to delete or erase the information from your system. There are certain types of viruses which slow downs your computer speed. Continue reading How virus attacks your system through e-mail?